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If you like poodles, you are probably wondering: What should I know about the poodle dog?

To start, let's look at its physical characteristics.

There are 4 types of poodle, classified according to their size:

· Giant Poodle: It can weigh around 22 kilos.

· Standard Poodle: The most common and moderate in size. As an adult it weighs around 12

kilos. The height at the withers is usually around 36 – 44 cm.

· Miniature poodle: Adult weight between 4 and 7 kilos.

· Toy poodle: Weighs only between 2 and 4 kilos.

The following information will help you identify how suitable this little friend may be for your happiness.

The hair is always curly, but in terms of color there is a lot of variety: white, black, earth color, dark brown, gray... A lot of variety! But you know what? Although today they are a single homogeneous color, originally they used to be two-color, specifically white and brown. Curious, right? They must have looked like little furry cows!


He is very affectionate and very attached to his owner. He needs to socialize a lot, both with you and other humans and with other dogs.

His hunting genes and ancestors make him a great watchdog. He will protect the house and bark at any strange occurrence.

He adapts wonderfully to all types of companies and environments: city, countryside, children, the elderly... He likes everything! Great right!


Having long, curly hair requires brushing it often. However, he is a dog that does not shed hair, so don't be afraid to find your sofa full of his hair!

Also try to keep his ears clean and dry. Be careful with humidity! When you go to bathe him, be careful not to point the stream of water directly at his ears.

They are generally healthy and resistant dogs and should not have problems if cared for properly. At Cachorros RD we have them well taken care of and ready to fill you with love after all, it is a very long-lived breed! They can reach up to 15 years of life or even more, it will all depend on how much you take care of them and return the love they give you.

Did You Know?

1: The poodle breed dog, also called poodle, was bred and became very popular in France, becoming almost the iconic dog of the country. But you know what? They actually originate from Germany, where they were trained and used in hunting.

2: The name comes from the French “canichon”, which means baby duck and its English name, from the German verb “pudeln”, which means to play, to splash. Poodles are so much fun!

3: Companions of kings, They became popular in France in the 15th century, where they were common companions of kings and aristocrats. Louis XVI, the husband of the well-known Marie Antoinette, had a poodle dog. These dogs began to spread throughout Europe and became popular in Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries. Proof of this is, for example, Goya's portrait of the Duchess of Alba, accompanied by a small white poodle at her feet.

Do you want a faithful companion like this? get yours with us!


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