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5 2014 10 jul 2015 downloaded site because of the issue. Ok, on a Vista I also have used the above mentioned great tool to recover my NTFS partition which had the same problem.. On another Windows computer I was able to access the partition successfully and I was able to create and delete directories.. So I do not know what the problem was and why it happened just now after years of use.. Now I also tried using your excellent software and all I am getting is a blank blue screen.. I have not found any tools that will help me fix my problem with the minimal tool partition wizard pro. Do you have any suggestions for me. I will be very grateful for any help. Thank you very much. Your answer IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This site and associated newspapers are not affiliated with the United States Government or the Department of Health and Human Services. We do not endorse the content of these newspapers. Please contact us for more information.Q: How to setup gitlab on mac I would like to use gitlab on a mac. I setup my app, using the "gitlab-cli" and it works fine. I would like to know if there is a way to use the web interface (not the CLI) since the documentation for the web interface is very poor and I did not find anything about what I need to use. Thanks A: It is not possible, unfortunately. GitLab has currently no plans to include MacOS support for the Web UI, as they seem to focus on Linux users and people who already have a CLI installation. If you really really need to use the Web UI, you could either install GitLab yourself, but this will not make it usable for free anymore and will take a lot of time to setup. You could also do some reverse engineering on the GitHub repo. Q: how to get part of string, remove first 4 digits and then insert into another string this is my code right now: String myline = readLine.replaceAll(" ",""); String mychar = myline.replaceAll("[^a-zA-Z]",""); String answer = mychar.replaceAll("[^a-zA-Z]",""); The idea is i want to get rid of the 4th and 5th letters of string. The main thing is that I want to put it back to another string but I am having



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