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Niña abrazando a su perro

We are agents of happiness. Our idea was born in the Dominican Republic. In 2012, while working in Santo Domingo, our founder Luis Enrique Guzmán noticed the happiness that people show when they receive a pet in their hands. That warmth that is felt in the soul when touching the new member of the family.

Over the years it has been hard work to work hand in hand with some breeders in the country to raise the standards of breeding and care of pets. We have achieved a model kennel where every day we look for ways to improve and give quality of life to all pets. To be able to keep a brand high over the years requires perseverance, continuous improvement and a lot of work, all aimed at the well-being of each pet that is with us and passes into the hands of a new family.

Our work pillars include  4 main ones that allow us to guarantee a long-term relationship with those who approach us:

1. Pet health guarantee.

2. Responsible breeding and care.

3. Healthy and examined pets.

4. Your Happiness Guaranteed.

Now we are a team based in Santiago de los Caballeros and also in Queens, New York. We spread happiness throughout the national territory. Thanks to so much sacrifice and management we can deliver healthy, verified pets with frustration-free behavior into the hands of families. And not everything ends with delivery, after that we offer adequate follow-up to help with issues such as food, health and care. We are pioneers in delivery throughout the country efficiently and safely.

Cachorros RD® is a social cause, it is a commitment to animals and our friends. We have benefit programs that allow us to provide the care that pets need at every stage of their life. That's why we create happy stories every day, with you.

We hope you will allow us to be part of the excitement of acquiring a new member of your home as part of the family.




Our team

We are engaged.

Each puppy has

the power to change

your life and we make sure

that so be it.


Our focus is primarily on you, the human, that allows us to achieve a better person-pet connection, achieving a better life for each puppy we deliver.

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