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American Bulldog

The main characteristics of the American bulldog breed are:

Height: 55 – 70 cm.

Weight: 25 – 45 kg.

Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years.

Lifestyle: Houses, apartments, sports, surveillance.

Origin and history of the American bulldog breed

The past of this dog is common to that of the rest of the bulldogs and other similar breeds, for example the English bulldogs and the pitbull. All of these dogs come from combat and big game dogs. In the 19th century, bulldogs were widely used as guards and protectors, and even herdsmen. Unfortunately, they were also frequently seen at dog fights; This cruel practice, however, was banned in Britain, causing the bulldog breed to lose popularity.

The American bulldog dogs as we know them today are the result of numerous crosses between dogs of different breeds, once the English bulldogs were brought to North America.

Physical characteristics

It is a brave and determined dog, but that does not mean it has to be aggressive. He has a great protective instinct, which makes him an excellent guardian. He only becomes violent with strangers and other animals if he has not been properly socialized. To prevent him from starting to catch small animals following his instinct, we must also educate him in this sense. It helps a lot to practice canine sports like agility with him.

His strong character makes him a dog not suitable for owners who are not experienced in dealing with dogs. The American bulldog is a dog that needs dedication, perseverance and a lot of discipline to stay under control and develop its character favorably.


These dogs' need for exercise is high, so it is recommended that they live in a house with a garden, so they can continue playing and burning off energy outside of daily walks. If they live in an apartment, they need a lot of exercise outside to compensate. In any case, it is recommended that you live indoors and go out to exercise, not constantly live in a garden or terrace isolated from your family.

Caring for their coat is easy, just regular brushing and bathing when really necessary. Keep in mind that American bulldogs tend to shed; Better brush him frequently (2 – 3 times a week).

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