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What basic information do you need to know about the Beagle breed?

Cross height: between 33-40 cm

Weight: About 15kg

Coat: All typical colors of bloodhound dogs

Medium sized dog breed

History of Beagle dogs

The belief is that it was the Romans who brought them to England. Another belief is that they mixed several breeds of hounds to finally create the Beagle. In the 16th century, there were still different varieties of Beagle, each with different characteristics.

Characteristics that Beagles have

The Beagle is a breed that was originally used to hunt hares. In addition, there are several anecdotes about them, and it is said that Queen Elizabeth I had a pack where all the dogs measured less than 25 cm, some were so small that they fit in the pocket of her jacket. It is also said that the Queen herself, she let the dogs play at the table.

Beagle dogs are characterized by being brave, intelligent and affectionate. Although they were originally used for hunting, they are very predisposed to being accompanied as another member of the family.

Do you have children at home? Are you worried about hunter origins? Cubs RD has good news! Beagles are very calm dogs that adapt to all types of lifestyles, both in the countryside and in big cities.

Also remember that you will have to take him out often, and he is a very vital dog, and sometimes mischievous.

Care your Beagle needs

We have good news! And the Beagle, having a short, flat coat, is very easy to groom! However, remember to clean their ears, they are the most forgotten ones!

The Beagle is an inexhaustible dog, it needs a lot of exercise! However, he has such a good sense of smell that if he is following a trail, he may ignore some of the owner's calls.

It is necessary

Brushing from time to time (remember to use a rubber brush)

Bath every 6-8 weeks

Nail care

Eye, ear and teeth care

Go to the vet for vaccinations and check-ups

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