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Chow Chow

If you want to know more about the Chow Chow breed, keep reading in RD puppies.

These are its characteristics:

Height: 45 – 55 cm.

Weight: 25 – 30 kg.

Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years.

Lifestyle: Pet and guardian animal. Apartments, houses

Origin and history of the Chow Chow breed dog

Like the Shar Pei breed, Chow Chow dogs are officially said to come from China, but some doubt this fact. It is also believed that they could come from Siberia or Mongolia, having arrived in China later. In any case, it was in the 19th century when Chow Chow dogs arrived in Europe. The most direct ancestors of the Chow Chow dog are the Samoyed, the Pomeranian, the Norwegian Elkhound and the Keeshond.

Originally it was used as a hunting dog, but today the Chow Chow dog can enjoy a much better life, the life of a domestic pet. It is the furry favorite of many families around the world.

The Chow Chow dog has an appearance very similar to that of lions: long mane, a short but very robust back and a large round head. Plus he has the most dignified bearing! He is quite a lion.

Character of dogs of the Chow Chow breed

With their family they are affectionate, loyal and sensitive. On the other hand, they are also very independent; They adore their owner, but they like to keep their distance and have their space respected. For example, Chow Chow dogs like to go to sleep separated from the rest of the family, in their “sacred place.” They usually have a pretty good relationship with children.

They are very intelligent, so it will not be very difficult to train a Chow Chow dog. But remember his dignified character. Be careful with that, don't make tone or punishments. Be patient and positive in the learning process!

What care does it need?

The Chow Chow dog is not known for being especially athletic, so when it comes to exercise, it will not need anything beyond the usual: a couple of daily walks or three, combined with some games. The fact that he is not too active and of medium size makes the Chow Chow a dog suitable for apartment life.

Regarding the care of the Chow Chow dog's coat, it is necessary to brush it often to keep it soft and free of tangles. Once every two days is enough. And remember! Dogs don't need bathing as much as we do. It is enough to do it once a month or a month and a half, or your skin's protective layer will deteriorate.

Did You Know?

1. In Asian countries they were used as food, therefore the vulgar word to indicate that something is edible is “chow”.

2. The record of this breed dates back to 1840 in Great Britain, when a

newspaper spoke about the presence of several specimens in the Zoological Park of


3. According to some theories, this dog is a descendant of bears, based on its wild appearance and the fact that, like the black bear, the Chow Chow has a blue tongue.

4. First champion Chow Chow bred in England was Blue Blood

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