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English Bull Terrier

Contrary to what its name may suggest, it is not directly related to the American pit bull terrier or “American bully.”

English bull terrier dogs have a very particular head and triangular eyes. They are fun and active, very playful. Let's delve deeper into the knowledge of these fascinating friends, shall we?

English bull terrier dogs are large and muscular, with a quite imposing presence for how small they are in size. It has the advantages of its two ancestors: the physical strength of the English bulldog and the speed and agility of the English terrier.

Today, English bull terriers have lost their violent component and are excellent companion animals, with a very balanced character.

The English bull terrier is a dog with a strong temperament, it is very tenacious and sometimes somewhat. He is somewhat shy and reserved with strangers, but that does not make him aggressive or dangerous. They can also be a little “special” when it comes to interacting with other dogs, but if they are socialized correctly they should not cause any problems in this regard; They can even live with other pets if they do so as puppies.

The English Bull Terrier needs to be kept busy! It's not a good idea for a dog with so much energy to get bored, believe us. Play, go on excursions with him, play sports... whatever you want!

English bull terriers are small or medium-sized, but very big and strong. Although he is not a guard dog, he commands respect and is intimidating.


The origin of English bull terrier dogs dates back to 1850, when the now extinct English White terrier was crossed with bull dogs in search of a beautiful dog that was also suitable for fighting. And they managed to find an excellent dog for that task.

Its creator, James Hinks, had a bulldog named Old Madman. This man managed to significantly improve the living conditions of his humble family thanks to dog breeding.

It is not known with certainty which crosses were made to reach the English bull terrier dogs, but it is believed that the English bulldog, the English white terrier, the Dalmatian and perhaps even the English greyhound may have been involved. By the mid-19th century, Hinks already had dozens of dogs! The breeding of the English bull terrier breed continued for several generations in the Hinks family.

Health of the English bull terrier breed and care

In general, the English bull terrier breed does not usually have hereditary health problems.

How to take care of them?

Maintaining his hair is simple, because since it is short it does not get tangled. Simply brushing it a few times a week will keep it healthy and shiny.

The exercise need of English Bull Terrier dogs is quite high. To stay in shape you must exercise every day, and be careful with your food! They are a bit gluttonous, watch their rations carefully.

Did You Know?

1. They are one of the few breeds that bite their nails when they are not cut.

2. Bull terriers have appeared as characters in comic strips, books, movies and advertising.

3. It is the only recognized breed that has triangular eyes.

Do you want a faithful companion like this? get yours with us!


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